Chavara Vidhya Bhavan Hr. Sec. School

Afiliation No. 1030582, School Code : 50564

Introduction of School


Chavara Vidhya Bhavan was started on 4th July 1988. At present it is a Senior Secondary School affiliated to CBSE-New Delhi. A school can be compared to a lighthouse that stands to show the way to the navigators. The school stands amidst turmoil and storm to expel darkness. Every child that walks into the school from its earlier stages gets the utmost care. His character is polished and refined. The instruments used in this character formation are the teachers, parents and environment. Teachers have to play their role to the best. The parents are to go hand in hand with the management and staff to help their child to grow into a mature being ready to face tomorrow’s challenges and launch into the deep. Education is the process through which the man and the woman in the boy and girl are gradually brought out to love and respect one another, because they are children of the same Father, God and as such are brother and sister of human family. The quality of education our institution intends to give is based on the accepted principles of the teachings of Christ in order to form the boy and girl into true citizens of the country and the world to come.


* To help the formation of children in the harmonious development of the physical, mental and moral power so as to make them good citizens.

* To form a new generation of the people who are committee to the task of building up a just society

* To foster in the pupils a high degree of integrity, honesty, justice, charity and forgiveness.