Chavara Vidhya Bhavan Hr. Sec. School

Afiliation No. 1030582, School Code : 50564

Our Traditions



In our school we take pride in the following traditions:

  • To speak only English in the school premises.
  • To be always friendly with one another in and out of the school.
  • To avoid vulgarity in our walk and behavior.
  • To accept whatever work i s assigned to us as our rightful share.
  • To keep standing when any sister, teacher or visitor enter any room or place in which we happen to be.
  • To respect the beauty of the school premises and report any damage which may occur.
  • To respect the library rules and the right of other students using it.
  • To maintain perfect silence in the library and the laboratories.
  • To avoid dropping paper, lunch scraps, fruit peels etc. in the school premises and make use of the dustbins provided for this.
  • To learn and observe good manners at table and elsewhere.